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TEKTRIM has solved the most difficult aspects of the installation detail, giving you the results you’ve always wanted. A clear, straight line at the drywall baseboard joint.


Smart Design
We combine smart design with rich technology to craft innovative modern detail solutions.
Client First
For every product we strive to deliver details that make our client’s jobs easier.

The Tektrim details work

Achieve the look you want on all your projects.
How does Tektrim look? Dominating in detail, Tektrim has mastered the desired contemporary look in modern homes.
Who does Tektrim benifit? Everybody from architects to designers and contractors to the family enjoying the details of their beautiful home.
When your contractor and designer are screaming for accuracy and speed, don't cut corners and work harder.
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For your convenience we have created a 2019 calendar listing all the Tektrim products for a quick reference.